Shedding Pounds: What You Really Need to Know on Your Quest

Losing weight is a constant battle of 95% of the population. And it is never an easy task, especially when the summer season is approaching, but you should follow the information that losing weight is a natural process that does not affect your health, when this happens, you lose fat and consequently maintain weight. Already losing weight is usually when there is a reduction in fluid or lean mass, which is not ideal, so the best way to maintain weight is to lose weight. Living on a daily diet is the best way to have a healthy life and maintain weight while losing weight. When you try dieting and reeducation work, your quality of life will improve and you will hardly want to quit the diet.

Weight loss as a short term solution leads to diet failure and probably weight comes back sooner or later. You have to make healthy changes and revise your lifestyle to lose and maintain weight, remembering that you cannot achieve long-term goals overnight. To lose fat permanently, there is a golden rule: The body needs to burn more calories (energy production) than it eats (energy input). Include aerobic exercise in your workout because it uses fat as your primary source of fuel.

Track your progress

It’s also important to track your progress by setting weekly goals, whether it’s calorie intake, weight loss, volume loss, exercise time, as this will make the process less daunting and encourage you to stay focused. Some apps for your mobile phone are very effective in helping you record your daily diet and exercise, as well as your weight loss in these scenarios. Taking sugar out of your daily life is also essential for weight loss, as it is alarming how sugar gets into our bodies even in so-called healthy products, wreaking havoc on our diets, making the battle of losing weight so much harder and keeping us from falling short. our weekly goals. The main products with this wide sugar presence are soft drinks, bars, alcohol, low fat yoghurt and salad dressings, so you should immediately cut these products from your diet and replace them with natural sugar from fresh fruits, making sure only Do not eat more than three pieces a day.

Not drinking alcohol also presents itself as an essential attitude, as alcoholic beverages contain a very high amount of sugar and calories, enough to reach your daily calorie limit with just a few glasses. Instead of taking a bottle, stick to herbal teas or a simple glass of water with fresh lemon, mint and cucumber. The last, and just as important, essential tip to lose weight is to cook your own foods, because consuming processed and refined foods is a mistake, as these foods contain many hidden ingredients (usually salt and sugar) that are not good for the diet. Cheers. Being your own boss means you know exactly what you are ingesting by making your own diet rich in fresh vegetables, lean protein and whole carbohydrates.

Maintaining weight soon after you lose weight on a diet will be easy, but some tips can be used to help with this process, such as avoiding the same diet, however much you don’t like it, eat a lot of salad and it’s It is very important to consult a nutritionist for some examinations and the preparation of the menu and food education.

Exercise should be a priority to maintain weight after losing weight. One of the biggest shortcomings of those who have been on a diet and managed to lose weight is to abandon the dietitian’s recommendations and stop living a diet, so following a food menu for life is a matter of health and well-being. However, not forgetting to exercise is essential, as they are not exclusive just to maintain weight, is a matter of health and quality of life.
There are some exercises you can do at home if you don’t have more time for the gym. If possible, dispose of processed foods that contain sugar and some health-damaging substances from your life forever, always give priority to healthy foods, thus maintaining the eating rate you were doing during your weight loss process. But keep in mind that after losing weight, your dietitian will give you a new menu.

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  1. I tried many times to reduce my belly fat. Many attempts and failures… but the last time I was finally successful. I only cut a few calories from my diet, but did a daily workout and focused on macronutrients in foods. More proteins, less carbos and i’ve lost around 30 kg in 6 months!

  2. weight loss is difficult at any time but it gets harder and harder the more you have tried it and not really got the results that you desire. Ultimately when working on weight loss, you have to find something that really suits you and your lifestyle. You have to be prepared to make sacrifices especially for things that you like, however, this is a small sacrifice considering the end goal and the bigger picture. The days, weeks and months will be tough at times and there will be times where you want to quit, but you have to be tough and have strong willpower. That is the key willpower, this is the thing that will keep you going and keep you strong. The other things like diet and exercise are many to choose from, you have to choose one that suits you and does not have an adverse affect on you health wise. Like all these things, it may take a bit of time and it won’t be easy but you have to try get through it the best you can. Exercise is important, try slowly doing something if you don’t do anything and then steadily increasing what you do so if you walk for 5 minutes try do for ten minutes. Slowly but surely over time you will start seeing the benefits and hopefully be a more confident and comfortable person with yourself.

  3. I was struggling to lose weight for the last 5 years ,I was trying every type of diet like keto,vegan,low carbs, high protein ,counted all my calories I watched all the video on the Internet about weight loss from doctors,bodybuilders,weightlifter,yoga instructor I even lost a lot of money buying some stupid online diet and nothing . I started going to the gym evrey day doing compound movments with heavy weight but no results as always.
    Until one day I meet a guy and showed to me a simple mistake that I was unaware, It was so stupid that I said to myself all that money and dedication lost but luckily to that tip I am seeing results now I lost 10 lb in 3 weeks , my body fat is going down I am starting to see my abs. I am very happy that I found that guy who shows me that tip.

  4. I got overweight after being ran over by a car. It made me really unhappy. With a lot of effort, I managed to lose some weight. I went from 108kg to 93kg in the space of a couple of months.

  5. I lost 5 kg in one month,now,2 kg more left. But I think this is a big change for me. Now I feel more energetic and concentrated in work.
    The key is to find the beauty even in the hardest times. If you want something to change, start make a change.

  6. i lost 0 kgs in 2 weeks but im not giving up yet
    it is long road to go but ill make it .
    Weight loss take time ! I start being honest with myself and accepting that everything takes time and hard work .
    i mainly gonna focus on exercising and calorie in/outtake .

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