This treatment method is so effective because of the limited number of pills that are required to treat the infection

Bacteria is just one of those things you can not avoid in your everyday life. And there are times where you get a strain of really bad bacteria in your system, or an infection of some kind. If you have, then you have probably been prescribed Zithromax at some point even if you have not known that is exactly what you are taking. It is important to know your antibiotics though, so i want to take this time to discuss Zithromax with you so you can be better prepared the next time you have to go see your doctor.

Antibiotics and infections

Even though antibiotics are an amazing medicine that helps with many types of infections we come in contact with at some point in our lives, even they have certain side effects and interactions that you must be careful of if you are going to take them. If you find yourself in the doctor’s office or the ER then they will probably ask you all the appropriate questions before simply administering a round of antibiotics to you though. Nevertheless knowledge is power in all situations. Zithromax is one such antibiotic that is generally used to to treat different type of bacteria related infections like respiratory infections, ear infections, skin infections, and even sexually transmitted infections.

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Don’t mix Zithromax

Due to it’s chemical makeup you should never take Zithromax if you’ve ever had jaundice of some other type of liver issues that were caused by taking azithromycin. You should also be sure to avoid Zithromax if you are allergic to azithromycin or any of it’s sister drugs like Clarithromycin, Kamagra jelly, Erythromcin, or Telithromycin. Again, your doctor is probably going to ask you this but you need to let them know if you’ve ever had Liver disease by other means before or; Kidney disease, a heart rhythm disorder, low potassium, or low QT syndrome (even if it’s just a family history) If you are a woman and either pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant in the near future you should let your doctor know. Science currently does not know if a medication like Zithromax will pass through the body and into a woman’s breast milk.


If Zithromax is right for you, you will receive a prescription as well as instructions to make certain that you not only take your medicine at the proper intervals, but also how you are supposed to take the medicine. In this case, the length of time you take it for will vary, considering that not all infections are created equal. Some infections will surely last longer than others so be sure to let your doctor know if your infections persists past the length of your prescription. This can also be taken with or without food, so do not worry about if you need to load up on a meal before taking it in the off chance that you are not around some type of way to obtain a meal at dosing time.


If you receive the oral liquid type of medicated Zithromax, you should also receive a syringe or some type of special dosing cup that you can use to measure out your medicine. On the off chance that you are not provided with some type of special dosing tool you should let the pharmacist know so that one can be provided for you. Zithromax liquid should not be used if it has been exposed to any type of moisture or heat, and should also not be used it yu have any left after about 10 days. If this has happened for any of the reasons mentioned, be certain that you throw out any remaining product immediately and contact your doctor if more needs to be provided.

Follow doctor’s instructions

There may be times, especially in this day and age where everything always seems to be on the go, that you may miss a dose and not even realize it. You should always make sure that you take your dose right away on the off chance that you realize you have missed one, unless it is almost time for your next dose. Be sure not to take doses too close together to avoid the risk of an overdose. So kick those infections right out and start getting your health back on track with Zithromax! And as always, be happy, and be healthy!

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  1. Taking Zithormax is kind of a pain. Drink and eat a lot before taking it because I had a pretty mean tummy ache for a couple hours after taking it on an empty stomach. Good luck!

  2. I got sick on vacation and my doctor called in azithromycin at the local pharmacy. I began to feel better on day two. I had to make sure I took it with food otherwise I would get terrible stomach cramps. As long as I took it after I ate a meal I experienced no side effects.

  3. Zithromax, also known as Z-Pak, is the only antibiotic I can take without an allergic reaction. Typically, it’s taken for 6 days, depending on the seriousness of the infection. I’ve used it for ear infections as well as gum infections and even bladder infections. It’s usually effective for me, and the side effects are mild, although I suggest eating yogurt every day to avoid getting a yeast infection.

  4. I took Zithromax (500mg with water) for an infection I had. It was very helpful even though it gave me some mild nausea and diarrhea. After a few hours I was feeling a lot better and I really appreciated the affect of the medicine – I could already see the swelling of the affected area decrease.

  5. My doctor prescribed me 250 tablets of Zithromax as an antibiotic to treat a bacterial infection. He recommended that I take it with food, since there are potential side effects of diarrhea and severe cramping and stomach pain. I did as he suggested and took the medication with a breakfast of some toast, and luckily have been able to avoid any adverse side effects with my stomach.

  6. This medicine kicked my sinusitis like a champ! It made me a little woozy, but it works great. Take at night for sure as it made my stomach a little icky, but its great

  7. Those terrible side effects described by my doctor didn’t affect me when I used Zithromax (Azithromycin). It was a really good way to only have to take 250 mg and not multiple medications.

  8. I was prescribed 2 tablets of Azithromycin of 500 mg as a single dose for a respiratory infection, on other occasions I had already taken it but never had problems, but that day I was like 5 hours in the bathroom, with vomiting and diarrhea, I thought I I was dying and something could be wrong. In the end my doctor told me not to continue taking the medication and then everything was fine ..

  9. I took Zithromax for a bacterial infection that I had. I took two 500 mg tablets per day. At first I didn’t have any problems, however, I started having severe stomach pains and diarrhea. I would highly recommend that if you take this medication, you take it with food. I didn’t do that at first and was advised that this could be causing the problem. Once I started taking with food, I was fine, and the side effects disappeared. The medication does work very well, just make sure you take it with food.

  10. I was prescribed Zithromax as an alternative to Penicillin. I made sure I ate before I took it and found no adverse side effects. My infection cleared up a little slower than I expected but I would take it again.

  11. Zithromax is a very strong antibiotic! I love the Z-Pack that it comes in, where you have to take two pills the first day and then just one pill a day for 4 days. The best part is that even though you’re done taking it quickly, it lasts in your system for up to 10-14 days, still working. My husband was given this for a sinus infection that he just couldn’t shake, and he felt so much better after just 2 days. It caused a little bit of nausea and loose stools, but was so worth it to feel better.

  12. I am a retired nurse. I used to work in a private pediatric office. I know for a fact that children can tolerate Azithromycin. It is an excellent antibiotic that covers bacteria well and is taken for a much shorter course than other antibiotics. Azithromycin is also referred to as a Zpak. Adults may be familiar with this. It’s called this because the pills come in a small pack. On Day 1 you take 2 pills then on days 2 through 5 you take one pill once a day. That’s it! Due to a short course as well as only needing one pill per day for most of the treatment, this is a very popular drug of choice. It is offered in a generic form so it’s affordable. Some patients do experience side effects and some do not. I personally have used this antibiotic without any issues. It does seem to work quickly.

  13. The best part about when I took Zithromax (Azithromycin) is that the pills were very small but effective. I was able to take just 2 mg and improved my condition within 7 days.

  14. WOW Zithromax did a real number on my system. You will probably have an unpleasant reaction if you eat food and also if you take it without eating it…

  15. Zithromax is a lifesaver. After days of being unable to eat anything except bananas, oatmeal and chocolate ice cream bars, I was finally able to eat some nachos. The Doc said to be patient and give the meds a few days to make my throat feel better. It was hard but worth taking the pills so I could get some cheese and peppers in me. Viva la Zithro!

  16. I was prescribed Azithromycin by my physician for the treatment of my infection and fever. I was already feeling sick beforehand, however if I did not eat before taking the Azithromycin, or Zithromax, I would get some pretty extreme stomach aches and nausea. I learned pretty quickly to try to take it with breakfast and then with dinner.

  17. Azithromycin targets bacterial infections. I was prescribed this medicine recently, and though it targeted the main symptoms of headache, fever, chills, and muscle ache, it was not able to target the lasting sore throat brought on by strep.

  18. I had pink eye, and none of the over the counter medications that I’m used to seemed to work to stop it from bothering my eye sight. But then I came across Zithromax. I never tried it before because I never knew about it. The price seemed a bit high since I tend to stock up on medication for my family members… which makes me buy tons at a time. However, I was willing to try anything at this point. So, I went home, and applied this azithromycin medicine to my eye. And I was surprised how well it treated my pink eye symptoms. I recommend this for anyone who has a similar problem.

  19. Yesterday morning I took two 500 mg tablets of azithromycin medication. Unfortunately I forgot to take them with food because I got the worst pain in my stomach. I could not control my bowels, I felt really hot and was sweating, but it went away eventually.

  20. I was suffering from the worst ear infection, but I was in the middle of a work project and didn’t have time to stop and go to my doctor in another county. The pain was similar to a deep throb. Unfortunately, I work in an open office and the ear infection made it impossible for me to wear headphones to block out sounds. Telemedicine, to the rescue. I talked to a doctor on the phone, explained my symptoms, and went to pick up some Azithromycin from the drug store one block away. It’s a readily available antibiotic, and it was under $5 for my dosage of 8-10 pills from the drugstore. I didn’t have any stomach problems when taking the first dose with a bag of chips! It was super easy, and my earache cleared within 36 hours– I could wear headphones again. I like that it was affordable and worked. So many brand name antibiotics are so expensive!

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