[February 2020 update]

The Corona virus has emerged from an area in China. The latest information that I heard was that the origin was bats, similar to the Ebola virus although the two diseases are very different.

From what I gather the disease is spread through direct contact. This has been defined in the article that I have read as being within 6 feet of an infected person. The disease travels in an airborne fashion through droplets that we expel (sneezing, sweating, spitting etc) It also can live for up to 24hrs on surfaces that these droplets have come in contact with. So for example if you sit at a counter where an infected person has sat and come in contact with the virus you are subject to being infected if that person sat there within the past 24 hours.

Coronavirus travel concerns

The best way to avoid the virus , based on what I have heard and seen, is to wash your hands very frequently. The other way is to avoid contact with people you do not know especially within six feet and especially if they show any signs of illness such as coughing or sneezing. The other thing to do is to wipe down all of the surfaces you come in contact with using some kind of sanitizer. Also, using hand sanitizer is another good means to keep you germ free although hand washing regularly is still the preferred approach to staying safe.

From what I have heard the most vulnerable people are the elderly and those who have preexisting conditions particularly of a respiratory nature. Apparently the disease acts similarly to pneumonia in that it produces shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. The difference between the corona virus and the flu or pneumonia is the fatality rate and the lack of any vaccine or effective treatment.

While there are on average 30,000 to 60,000 cases of the flu in a given year less than 1% of them are fatal. In contrast the Corona virus has had 100,000 cases since it’s initial outbreak last fall and 3% of them have been fatal. In addition we are no closer to a vaccine or cure than we were initially.Also the speed at which the disease seems to spread is alarming. While the initial outbreak was in China in late October early November it has now traveled virtually all over the world except Antarctica in 5 months.

Chloroquine in Australia

The only good news is that for people who are in relatively good health the impact of the virus is not that severe. There are few medications like Zithromax in Australia or Chloroquine that may be used for Coronavirus treatment. Some people who have been infected describe their symptoms as no worse than a cold.

What is next? The key will be to somehow stop the spread while at the same time developing some type of vaccine to cure those who are infected or at least make it non lethal

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  1. Few samples:
    Healthcare workers could be at risk if they unexpectedly came across someone with respiratory symptoms who had travelled to an affected region. Generally, the coronavirus appears to be hitting older people hardest, with few cases in children.
    Unless you have recently travelled to China or been in contact with someone infected with the virus, then you should treat any cough or cold symptoms as normal.
    The virus causes pneumonia. Those who have fallen ill are reported to suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. In severe cases there can be organ failure. As this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use

  2. I think Coronavirus is a dangerous, new pandemic sweeping the globe that we don’t know much about. At the same time, many people are unwilling to take safety measures recommended because they are inconvenient.

  3. Coronavirus is a serious disease and is a severe threat to Americans and our way of life. All Americans need to take this disease seriously for us to beat it.

  4. * The outbreak is not a pandemic because the global death rate is relatively low (not 12%).
    * If they want to test their vaccine, why Africa. The continent has the least deaths and cases. This is pure racism and unethical human behaviour.
    * Do we really need “ID2020 vaccine?” It could bring personal privacy issues such as tracking. It could also mean prosecution for those found guilty. Talk less about physical and mental disturbances.
    * I studied for six months for two major ACCA exams and now I can’t take them. This is heartbreaking. I’ve lost hope and I know I am not the only affected student.
    * On the bright side, COVID-19 has brought families closer and in general people are less sinful and pray often. Pollution has
    * If viruses are not living things, then it may not be made by God. Hence, it may be man-made. Just saying.
    * Why did it mostly affect the the biggest super power countries? Is it a bio-weapon as conspiracies suggest. I hope not.
    * February is valentine, March is quarantine, April is “pregnantine.” A friend of mine joked. The home stay method means more indoor violence especially for women and girls.
    * If China is the source, and the cases have dropped, why are there more cases in other regions? It should be regressing. Its over 10,000 deaths in America alone (out of 76,000, at the point of writing this).
    * Almost every symptom such as simple coughing may be mistaken for conoravirus.
    * I can’t cough, sneeze or go to a clinic with ease. It’s just too risky. They might quarantine me and who know, I may get infected from there. Most people would rather not report and recover my themselves.

  5. Anyone could be spreading COVID-19, even if they are asymptomatic, that is why it is advised that only people stay at home and prevent the spread of the disease. They should only go out for essential needs like food, medication and healthcare so that we can “flatten the curve” or allow the healthcare system to catch up on the treating the cases of the coronavirus.

  6. the whole world is desperate against this virus. We are like trapped animals at home. we don’t know what our tomorrow will be. I wonder what freedom we will say goodbye to. there is no country that can manage this crisis thoroughly. we are so desperate that I can’t help but sleep. I want to sleep and wake up one morning when everything returns to normal.

  7. The scare and panic perpetrated by the media over the virus is far worse than the virus itself. The economy is being crushed by this bullshit, and the liberal media believes it will help remove president Trump from office in November. On the contrary, Democrats will find their antics will crush them at the polls.

  8. At first, I didn’t think we would be hit with Coronavirus so bad. I believed it was just some Chinese propaganda. I was wrong, and do not wish it upon anybody. I think our healthcare workers are doing a great job doing what they can, and are putting their lives at risk to do it

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