Famotidine is a fairly good substitute for Axid or Prevacid when those drugs aren’t available

How Is Research On Coronavirus Going

Researchers in China and the United States are testing if high doses of Famotidine or Pepcid can treat people suffering from the Coronavirus. As of now, there are no medical results and the outcome is unknown. However, early indications are promising that consuming dowsed around ten times the normal dosage used to treat heartburn can slow the spread of the virus. Taking this medicine in such an extreme amount should be done with a doctor and should probably be done via an IV.

Pepcid (Famotidine)

How it works

While it would probably be best to continue thinking about using an antacid to treat a virus with a high degree of skepticism, early reports are promising. Basically, the antacid binds to a key enzyme of the coronavirus and acts as a way to “confuse” the virus and thus slows the ability of the virus to reproduce. The use of Pepcid as a treatment happened as a fluke when researchers in China noticed that patients who had been taking the drug before getting sick were dying less frequently. It appears that consuming some Pepcid can reduce the chance of death by almost twelve percent.

Doctors using Pepcid

While that is a promising and meaningful percentage, doctors and researchers are urging people to not start hoarding the drug. Clinical trials need to be conducted first and there is not enough evidence to support wide usage of Pepcid as a way to treat coronavirus. In fact, there could be other reasons for the twelve percent decrease in fatalities. For instance, in China Pepcid is the least expensive antacid available. Therefore, it was regularly used by the lowest economic class. Extrapolating that data, there could be other factors at play.

Does diet play a role

First, the diets of lower economic groups could be different, resulting in a lower weight for those individuals. It has been shown that people who weigh less do better at surging from coronavirus. Also, people in lower economic thresholds typically have jobs that force them to move more frequently. Therefore those people may be in better physical shape and better able to fight off the coronavirus. Last, they may also be younger, which has  been shown to improve your odds at surviving.

Is it available

That being said, it would be nice if a widely available, inexpensive, drug was the miracle we have all been looking for. It very well may be just the thing we need. But, we should wait for more data before acting. For those of us that are scared and will still stock up on Pepcid I want to take a few minutes to talk about how to get the drug and some of the side effects.

Side effects

The most commonly reported side effects include headache, dizziness, constipation and diarrhea. The drug may not be suitable for individuals with asthma, certain types of cancer, and various other medical conditions.  This drug has been shown to cause seizures in less than one percent of people who take it. The drug has also been known to cause headaches, vomiting and other problems.  Those reactions can occur in up to ten percent of the people who take the normal dose of Pepcid.  It is unknown if more reactions could occur if people were to take ten times the recommended dose.

Where to buy

Pepcid is available in Australia both with and without a prescription. The higher doses will require a doctor’s assistance.  It seems like Pepcid is sold as Zantac in Australia. The two drugs are essentially the same. But, the studies in China showed Pepcid was the drug that worked the best. The normal dose is 20 mg tablets for adults. I hospitals, the were using about 180 mg at a time.  It seems like Pepcid sells for around per pill, so it would be an affordable treatment.

The conclusion

To summarizes everything, please talk with a doctor prior to ingesting ten tablets of Pepcid. It didn’t seem like taking the drug would prevent you from getting coronavirus. It just seemed like it may help you recover faster. There is no substitute for social distancing.  If you stay home, you will probably not get sick and if you don’t get sick you won’t need Pepcid, unless you suffer from heartburn or other issues.  Please don’t consume cleaning chemicals, Pepcid, or anything that you read about without talking to your doctor.


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  1. April, the first COVID-19 patients at Northwell Health in the New York City area began to receive famotidine intravenously, at nine times the heartburn dose. I’ve seen this medicine work and the researches at Northwell Health in the New York City area seem trust worthy.

  2. In New York, epicenter of the current American Coronavirus crisis, Famotidine (Pepcid) is being studied as a potentially effective treatment for the virus

  3. Famotidine, an antacid and antihistamine sold under the brand name Pepcid, is being investigated as a treatment for COVID-19. Though a trial began April 7th, results are not expected to be reported anytime soon, as the investigators hope to enroll roughly six times the current number of participants.

  4. thinking of drugs that can be administered orally or injected through the the veins famotidine is a good option has it helps in treating of heartburn,stomach ulcer.
    this can be giving to covid-19 patients having heart burns as it is easy to buy over the counter this will help to boost their immune system against the virus

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